Reef House Resort

The Best Diving. It's what We Do.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

It's not complex.

We have some of the best Dive Sites in the world right at our doorstep. They don't get the traffic sites of this quality generally get, so they stay in near pristine condition.

We have Dive Master Extraordinaire Davitt, a local islander, who has been showing those dive sites and all the incredible life they support, to people just like you for the past 20 years... & trust me, he sees it all, the small, the well-camouflaged, just read his reviews.

We have a great Dive Boat, the Henry Morgan, whose back gate opens to sit right on the water line, making it easy for everyone to get in and out, and Choco to Captain her and you safely. She only holds fifteen, and often much fewer, so you'll never have a cattle call when it's time to dive.

Voila! The result is a diving experience that true enthusiasts can't get enough of, year after year.

Seahorse Back Dive & coral

Dive Sites

Choco and Davitt

We have Dive sites along the south eastern coast of Roatan, from Old Port Royal to French Harbor. Most of our sites are listed on Roatan Review. Some of our guests' favorites include:

  • Mary's Place
  • Calvin's Crack
  • Church Wall
  • House Reef (from the Pier or Boat)
  • Too Tall Too Small
  • Alcoholic Dog
  • Missing Link
  • Lime Cay Wall
  • Donkey Wall
  • Paradise Wall

...and remember, Divers, weather here at the Reef House is completely different than on the West End.

Windfinder has a generally spot on prediction for the next few days weather.
The West End is usually dead calm, but often when it storms there, its hard to go diving. Most of the time over here, we have clear skys and a nice Eastern Trade Wind which helps cool you off, tho it can make the short boat rides a little choppy.
However, when it does storm on Island and the West End can't dive... WE CAN. Here it will be nice weather and calm seas, so give us a hollar if you're stuck with no diving, and we can arrange pickup and get you

back in the water!

The Reef


Dive Master Davitt and Captain Choco make this an extra special place to dive.
Then there's always Location!

The East End doesn't get the sheer number of divers that most of the island and the caribbean in general have. The result is some of the healthiest reef in the world. Combined with year round warm water temperatures, the nice breeze keeping you cool in the sun, the short, uncrowded boat rides and a great place to relax after three dives, it's no wonder most of our guests come again and again and again....